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The World's Great Wildlife Reserves


The Nature’s Stronghold site is designed to allow you to easily access information about wildlife reserves throughout the world. The navigational section of the site is arranged by continent, country and reserve. For example, if you want to learn more about the reserves of Africa in general, you will go to the Africa selection link. If you want to learn more about the reserves of, say, Botswana, drop drown one level to the Botswana link. Then, if you want to learn more about a specific reserve in Botswana, as Chobe, drop down one further level to that reserve.

An important additional feature of the site is that each reserve displays a box below the text information that has three links. The Chobe Reserve example is shown here:

Visit TripAdvisor® - takes you to www.tripadvisor.com to get more information about flights and where to stay in order to plan a trip to the reserve. It will automatically drop you in to the TripAdvisor page dealing with the reserve you have been studying on the Nature's Strongholds site.

A live GoogleMap® - is a site page showing a live, scaleable Google Map of the region you are studying, with all the reserves in that region marked.

More About the Reserves in Botswana - leads you to information in greater depth about the reserves in this area. Often you can follow other links within these to get even more information.

In most cases, there also is additional information about local and regional conservation organizations active in specific areas. This information is shown at the country and reserve level by banners identifying these organizations. Again, to take Botswana and Chobe as an example, you will see banners for several conservation organizations active in the region. Clicking any of these banners will take you to that conservation group’s website.

The overall objective of Nature’s Strongholds Foundation is to strengthen support for the wonderful places described in our website. We welcome your support directly to our Foundation (see how to support Nature’s Strongholds Foundation on our home page), and also urge you to support conservation organizations active in regions in which you have particular interest.



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