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Our Mission

The mission of Nature’s Strongholds Foundation is to help protect and conserve the world’s great wildlife reserves, by bringing significant and compelling information about them to as wide an audience as possible. People only work to protect what they love, and can only love what they know. Those who know about and love the world’s best natural places are still but a tiny minority of the population. The goal of Nature’s Strongholds Foundation is to help change that.

Nature's StrongholdsOur overall objectives are first, to make the world’s great natural places more widely known to persons around the world, thereby increasing the numbers of those who will help to support and protect them, and second, by monitoring and communicating risks to which these places are exposed, to encourage their long-term conservation.

The primary means the Foundation has chosen to achieve this purpose is a web site which will provide attractive and accessible descriptions, photos and videos of the world’s great natural places. Initially we will rely primarily on those sites identified in “Nature’s Strongholds—The Worlds Great Wildlife Reserves..” Over time we expect to add more reserves to the data base, including those devoted mainly to birds and to marine creatures.

Our web site will include links to other internet sites as well as other media containing useful and interesting information about these places, and to sites of local, national, and international organizations active in protecting them. We expect to discover and develop even more links as the program goes forward. Our aim is to have the most comprehensive, conservation-focused wildlife site on the internet.

To accomplish its conservation objectives, the Foundation plans to monitor conservation status of reserves, using links developed in the website. We will participate in developing strategic plans aimed at protecting these reserves, and in financing, and assisting other organizations and individuals we believe are effective in maintaining and improving the conservation of these places.

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